St Lucia Holidays 2012

2010 Holidays to St Lucia

St Lucia Holidays 2012

Vacations remind you of pleasures and memories that you spend with your near and dear ones. Every travel you marvel at is worth an experience of the journey that life defines. How rightly said by Frederick B.Wilcox, “For travel to be delightful, one must have a good place to leave and return to.” One such place is St. Lucia, where you can find something interesting for all age groups and budgets. It is the second largest island in the Caribbean Sea with a population of only 170,000.  A volcanic eruption shaped the island which is 23 Km wide and 43 km long. The legal system in St. Lucia Island is similar to that of the British legal system. The island has been blessed by true natural beauty with wonderful sand beaches, crystal clear water, mountains and rivers and lush green rainforests with exotic fauna and flora. Although not many tourists have this destination on their must see list, St. Lucia provides its tourist with fabulous facilities for every pocket and gives you a very friendly and hassle-free atmosphere. You can choose to stay at an economical guest homes or can pamper yourself at luxury hotels. You can explore your dining experiences at roadside kiosks or ignite senses of your taste buds at top class restaurants. Loosen your pockets and go shopping at numerous open village markets or spoil yourself shopping at duty free malls. Apart from its beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes, one of the attractions of the island is the carnivals and St. Lucia’s jazz festival. One can travel as a backpack tourist or can book all inclusive holiday packages for St Lucia 2012.

Holidays In St. Lucia 2012

Planning holidays in 2012 to St. Lucia will never be short of activities and excitement. You can immerse yourself in horse riding, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, surfing, sailing, water skiing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, and playing tennis or golf.

One of the attractions on the beaches is the horse riding experience. Children of all ages can enjoy the galloping ride on the golden sand of the beaches. With beautiful beaches, the island also boasts of historical sites, heritage and culture. You can include a site tour on the holiday to St. Lucia 2012. If your family is adventurous kind, then dive yourself into the ocean and go scuba diving. You can experience spectacular scenes of underwater life with riots of colors of species of animals, plants and coral reefs. Another exhilarating and a once in a lifetime experience for the whole family is the ride in the volcano. One of the most easily reachable volcanoes is the Soufriere on the south west coast which is surrounded by twin peaks of mountains Pitons that are 2400 feet from the sea level.

Beaches In St Lucia

If you are a beach person you will find a paradise here. The beaches have long stretches of black and golden sand with palm trees on the sides. One can enjoy a lazy day in the morning and party at the beach in the night. St Lucia has several beautiful islands and all the beaches are open to the people even if they are coupled with resorts. The eastern part of the shores are rocky but the western part of the shores have calm and clear water and are very good for swimming. Some of the best beaches of St. Lucia that has dark sand and popular among tourists as well as locals are Soufriere beach, Anse du cap Beach, Smuggler's Cove Beach, Anse Becune and Marigot Bay. Some of these are excellent spots for diving, surfing and snorkeling.  The beaches with white sand in St Lucia islands are Pigeon Causeway, Vigie Beach, Reduit Beach, Hilton Jalousie Hotel,  Anse Chastenet , Smuggler's Cove beach,  Anse de Sable beach and for tourist who love adventures  Anse Louvet Beach is a perfect beach. Families can enjoy the Choc beach, where the water is calm and safe for children. You can go for swimming, waterskiing, boating, surfing and diving.  Holidays in St Lucia 2012 are extremely enchanting for beach lovers for its scenic beauty sun and water sports and will make you wanting to come back again and again.


A truly relaxing holiday leaves you with a healthy body, positive mind, a happy feeling and lifetime memories. A holiday in St Lucia 2012 can provide you a total package of fun and wellness vacations. You can combine spa holidays with adventures, beach activities and water sports.  The spas in the resorts and hotels offer wide range of services to its visitors.  The accommodation and the spa services include a election of certain services according to your budget and requirements, holistic health and wellness knowledge, healthy spa diet and cuisine, physical activities, massages, healing therapies, yoga and meditation.  On holidays to St. Lucia you can look out for thermal spa holidays, medical spa holidays, yoga spa holidays, hotel spa holidays or just exclusive complete spa holidays.


Holidays in St Lucia 2012 will engross you with its scenic beauty and beautiful beaches.  Once you have decided for vacations on St Lucia islands, the next step is booking the accommodation place. The choices of places range from luxurious hotels, to villas to holiday apartments with varying budgets and amenities. Most of the villas are set in the scenic beauty of nature with mountains, beaches and splendid beach coves and dense lush green forest and vegetation. Villa rentals in St Lucia islands are included with personal services, private house staff and any requirements that you fancy upon.  St Lucia Villas offer you private services like pre stocked food, tour guides, car rentals, exercise instructor, pool side massages and private dining areas with sea view.

Families can have a hassle free holidays to St Lucia 2012 with plenty of fun activities to do apart from sight seeing. Travellers have a choice of choosing a wide range of villas according to their requirements and budgets and have comfortable and non fuss holidays 2012 to St Lucia.

Honeymoon In St. Lucia Islands.

The Caribbean island is one of the favorite destinations for couples on honeymoon. St Lucia ranks among the most scenic destination for honeymoon couples. It’s a treat for young romantic couples to enjoy such warm weather and beautiful serene beaches. St. Lucia is an apt destination for beach weddings and unforgettable honeymoons. There is nothing as romantic as walking hand in hands with your partner at the sunset on the beach. Bathing in the breathtaking waterfalls relives you of all stress and couples can revel in its joy which is like an icing on the cake and a must do on packaged holidays 2012. With the beautiful white sandy beaches in north and the blank sandy beaches in south, the honeymoon couples will never be short of romantic times under enchanting sunsets and beautiful moon lights. You can choose from the wide varieties of hotels, inns and resorts some warm and cozy and some cool and impersonal. Few of the exclusive honeymoon hotels, villas, apartments are still owned and managed by families.  Unlike other Caribbean islands St Lucia offers a quiet and peaceful yet a memorable honeymoon for couples. There are lots of fun and activities that couples can indulge in, like diving, snorkeling, or exploring ship wrecks underwater. You can go hiking on the twin mountain peaks, enjoy the diamond botanical gardens or just enjoy riding along the roads with its breathtaking scenic beauty. Book your holidays to St Lucia 2012 and make your honeymoon an unforgettable and enchanting experience of a lifetime.

There is no doubt that a 2012 holidays to St. Lucia islands gives you every penny worth and a lifetime memories to cherish on with your friends and family.