Spain Holidays 2012

2012 Holidays to Spain

Spain Holidays 2012

The joys of life are the little things and precious time that you spend and share with your family, friends and close ones. A vacation with family and friends brings immense pleasure with great memories and pictures for your albums and memoirs to write on the pages of life. Where would you find such a place? A place that can boast of nature’s beauty where the sky meets the ocean at the horizon and the boats anchored standing still while the waves splash at it. The people with zest move around the streets, camps by the sea where children of all ages enjoy and the blessings of a great weather that mesmerize you, isn’t it a great place to have a grand vacation. Amazed, yes this is Spain, the country with great beaches, lush green valleys, snow covered mountains, food, wines, adventures, water sports, art and culture and great climate. It provides an all season climate for tours and travels. You can find available comfortable to luxurious accommodations suiting your budgets. It is a 2 ½ hour of flight from United Kingdom. In the early eras of 50’s and 60’s the United Kingdom package holiday of the Spanish vacation had started. Holidays to Spain 2012 will attract you with its culture and vibrancy from the claps of flamenco dancers to the carnivals of food and leisure, the diversity in the languages spoken to the variety in its cuisines, or the modern bustling cities to the rustic countryside.

Holidays In Spain 2012

Spain Holidays 2012 will spoil you for choices. Bask in the glorious sunshine at the Costa beach, sunbathe on the urbane Marbella or stroll on the dazzling Benidorm beach. Explore the exotic Balearic Island, the cosmopolitan Mallorca and the serene Menorca, the sunny and warm Canary Island or the buzzing and legendary island of Ibiza. Experience the modern city life in the Olympic hosted city of Barcelona. Indulge in local cuisine as well as blend of Spanish and European cuisines and fiestas at the multi ethnic city of Valencia or enjoy the best of both the worlds in the coast of Alicante. Holidays to Spain 2012 will travel you to spots and never ending adventures from beautiful beaches, dormant volcanic mountains, white dunes, valleys, national parks, watersports, siesta of lazy sleepy towns of La Palma and La Gomera to the sizzling nightlife of Tenerife of Canary islands.

How To Enjoy The Activities On Spanish Holidays 2012

Spain holidays 2012 will be full of excitement with its breathtaking scenery, picturesque villages, aromatic grooves of olives and almonds, Mediterranean climate, vast blue seas and beaches and snowy mountains there is no dearth of outdoor and indoor activities. 


Spain is one of the few countries where you can explore exclusive painting and drawing holiday packages.  If you have an eye for painting and want to replicate life’s beauty on the empty canvas then book your 2012 holidays to Spain. If you want to fulfill your dream to paint or harness your skills then head for holidays in Spain 2012. There are beginner’s level to experienced level courses offered in drawing and painting with attention to details. You can choose from residential to non residential painting classes, offered based on locations for inspiration by different tutors and travel guides. You can book for a special painting holiday package that will include painting and trip to places like the medieval and artistic villages of Gaucin and Zahara.  You can choose from various styles of painting like the life drawing, portraits, landscape and abstract painting. Painting holidays in Spain 2012 can be extremely addictive, absorbing, inspiring and relaxing.


Yoga is the wellbeing of your body, mind and soul. Spain boasts of some of the best yoga retreats of Europe. A less than 3 hours of journey from United Kingdom will travel you to yoga retreats that offer family like atmosphere and authentic yoga experience. Yoga retreats offer yoga breaks and weekends throughout the year based on your requirements. Some of the retreats even serve vegetarian food as well as local cuisine under bright sun and warm climate with splendid scenic beauty.


Tennis is a way of life in Spain and hence the perfect location for your holidays in Spain 2012. Tennis holidays in Spain 2012 are not only affordable but a wonderful value for money. You can expect packages that include accessibility of choosing local tennis venues and specific tennis centers or tennis courts in resorts and clubs. Whether you are a lover of sport and want to try your hand at tennis, or a beginner level or regular player, you will find experienced coaches and academy’s to hone your skills and provide you entertainment. You have packages to choose from couple or solo players giving you tips on fitness and skills. Some of the popular tennis academies are Sanchez-Casal Tennis Academy, Barcelona and Barcelona Tennis Academy, Vilanova apart from numerous resort, clubhouses and hotel tennis courts.

Disabled Aids And Working Holidays 2012

Spain Holidays 2012 can provide comfort, relaxation and entertainment for people with special needs and care. Special equipment and gears like wheelchairs, mobile hoist, scooters, ripple mattress, toilet risers, shower chairs and commodes can be provided for your personal comfort by these agencies. Should you face any medical emergences the holiday packages include medical care, emergency night staff, call system and ambulances are made available although one must have medical insurances. Please ensure the authenticity of the holiday packages and facilities offered whether they are part of the package or exclusive services. Overall with all the safety in places you can assure yourself of wonderful holidays in Spain 2012.

Working Holidays In Spain 2012

You can work and party hard during your Spain holidays 2012. Whether you are a student, a global traveller, a gap year traveler, or a backpacker you can land yourself a seasonal job, a casual job, or a summer and winter jobs. You can have fun at your own cost. Travellers from United Kingdom and world wide can check online sites for lucrative job opportunities in Spain ranging from drivers, attendants, bar or restaurant staff, junior managers, childcare or nannies, and many such employment sectors.

Fishing And Scuba Diving

Spain is a beautiful place for fishing. If you have fervor for angling then fishing holidays in Spain 2012 is a beautiful way to spend your vacations. While fishing in Spain it is mandatory to carry your fishing licences. They come for reasonable rates and are available online or at local outlets. The validity ranges from one year to 4 years depending upon the amount you pay.  One of the best known coarse fisheries in the Europe is the river Ebro. It holds the one of largest varieties of fishes in the world like the Catfish, Crusian carp, Black bass, Zander, Wild carp, octopus and the roach. Apart from this there are many exotic species present. There are varieties of ways of fishing in Spain; you can try float fishing, jigging, spinning or flying fish. 

Scuba Diving

There is no dearth of scuba diving sites in Spain. It is one of the leading diving destinations of Europe. it has the largest coastline in the European region that stretches up to 5000 Km. The coastline  expands from the Mediterranean, the Atlantic as well as Canary  and the Baleric islands. There are some great diving sites like the Costa Blanca, Coasta Brava, Costa del Sol, Mallorca, Menorca,   and Almunecar and Nerja. You can check the internet sites for Spain fishing holiday packages.  


Spain offers an idyllic location for mountain biking and cycling. The areas provide challenging routes from mountains to steep descent or an easy ride on the long roads through the scenic villages. In the month of September the tour of bikes passes through the area of Abdet which has challenging mountains and is also an ideal base for biking and cycling holidays 2012. A lot of top cyclist participates in the Tour of Spain. You can book exclusive bike and cycling holiday packages. You can also get cycles and safety gears for a reasonable price on hire.  So get cycling and enjoy the holidays in Spain 2012.

Holidays in 2012 to Spain will never tire you of the abundant amount of scenery and leisure activities to indulge in and memories to cherish for a lifetime.