Mexico Holidays 2012

2012 Holidays to Mexico

Mexico Holidays 2012

When you travel you grow as a person. The experiences that you get, the strides that you take enrich you with the unexplored, unscathed and divinity of nature and self. The depth of waters in the ocean, the wind that disperses the white waves, the sight of boats being anchored, sun setting in the sky and people holding on to the last rays of the day swallow your soul into its silence. You wonder and start respecting the gentle and little things around you. Such is the magic of nature’s beauty and its people that you immerse yourself in its culture and tradition. Discover one such country that mesmerizes the tourists from around the world mix of traditions, culture, incredible cuisine, breathtaking coastlines, the architecture, food and literature. Mexico has been blessed with a splendid climate with and is an all year destination. It has stunning beaches and bays. Mexico has wide and far reaching Caribbean and Pacific coastlines and some dazzling coastline cities like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel, Riveria Maya, Veracruz, Acapulco and Baja Peninsula. Mexico is a vibrant country with cultural diversity, cheap to luxurious locations, and lots of fun and leisure activities to do.

Holidays In Mexico 2012

If you are planning holidays to Mexico in 2012, you will not be disappointed by the variety if offers for its vibrancy, culture and fun activities.  


One of the most famous and awesome place for your golfing holidays is Mexico 2012. It has splendid golf courses with the best of the amenities in the North of America. El Camaleon is one of the best golf courses and as the name suggests the landscape of the golf course changes from coastal front to the swampland and traversing to forest and ending up at limestone lagoons. The golf courses in the east coast of the Mexican Caribbean of Cancun and Riviera Maya, the west having Acapulco on the Pacific coast, Cabo del sol Ocean course also known as Mexican Pebble beach and the desert golf in Baja California. Apart from these you can choose from various luxurious resorts that have golf with have scenic landscapes, spa facilities and retreats.  Mexico has a good weather and from November to May the climate if fresh and without rains or storms and hence it is an ideal destination for Sun winter for golfers.


With beautiful coasts and beaches Mexico has dive centers all along the coast. One of the most famous diving sites in the world is the Cozumel Island with many offshore islets which is situated in the Atlantic Ocean. The place is very popular among the scuba divers and tourists alike.  All along the coast there are many dive centers with guides who are fluent in English. The island has an underwater National park and consists of extensive reefs and corals. Great Maya reef is one of the famous attractions for diving fro tourists from around the world. It has sandbanks, islets, corals, a group of shallow area of reefs, and coral gardens. There are around 72 dive sites between Punta Maroma and Tulum. There are lots of resorts around Cancun to Tulum. You can even opt for cabanas and hotels around the coast. Most of the dive centers have boats and a local dive center. Some of the dive sites in Mexico are La Mancha Grande, Barracuda Islote, Los Arcos north and south, and Punta Venadito. Mexico will give you value for money trip with its fun related water activities especially scuba diving, surfing, jet skiing and snorkeling.


Mexico holidays 2012 are incomplete without the visits to the beaches and the fun of music and dance in the evenings at the beaches. The most diverse beaches are found in the Pacific shore of the coast. The long peninsula bordering North Pacific Ocean and the southern mainland Pacific coast is called as Baja California boast of beautiful beaches. The best months to enjoy the Mexico beaches are from November to May when the weather is pleasant and warm and the waters clear and mild. In the gulf of Mexico, the states best beaches run along the Costa Esmeralda. The sands are brown with large stretches and the water is warm. Here the beaches are unexplored beach and hence less crowded. Along the Caribbean coast is Tulum which is considered as one of the scenic beaches overlooking the ruins of Mayan. A lot of tourist throng to Mexico during the Easter and Christmas holidays as the weather is perfect and the waters warm and plenty of sunshine. The beaches have vibrant evenings with lots of music and dance to enjoy and a great variety of cuisine.


When on holidays to Mexico 2012 you have myriad choices to select from the kind of vacation that you would want to enjoy be it a luxury vacation, a family vacation, a romantic getaway, an adventure vacation or simply spiritual and wellness vacation. Or you can enjoy everything in one package spa holiday in 2012 Mexico.  You can choose quiet, natural and low budget spas to the luxurious ones in the cities as well as far away islands. The spa treatments vary from the unique Temazcal local steam bath treatment to body treatments like massages, hair treatments, hand and foot treatment, yoga and meditation and baths and polishes, Ayurveda treatment and massages including raindrop therapy and holistic crystal light healing. . You can choose from single spa packages to couple packages. There are lots of resorts offering spa services in unique environments. You can visit online sites and choose the type of spa service that you want to have for you during your Mexico holidays 2012. Some of the famous spa resorts are the Esperanza, Las Ventanas al Paraiso and Maroma on Mexico´s Riviera Maya apart from many others.

Holiday Resorts And Sunny Mexico Holidays 2012

Mexico is also known as the resort of the world where the diverse mixture of old and new civilization, the modern and traditional gel together harmoniously.  The country boasts of luxurious resorts and hotels in the picturesque surroundings of white sand beaches and lush green forests. Mexico is a great place for food and its fun culture. The resorts are a complete holiday destination in itself. Some of the popular and well known resorts in Mexico are based in Acapulco, Cancun, Cozumel, Ensenada, Ixtapa, La Paz, Los Cabos, Puerto Costa Maya, Puerto Costa Maya, Puerto Vallarta, and Tijuana. Most of the resorts are located in the area surrounded by gleaming seas, splendid beaches splendid bays and some of them backed by lush green vegetation. The resorts for your Mexico holidays 2012 offer everything to the holiday tourists. Most have them have high vibrant energy, nightlife, party dance, beautiful beaches and a large number of fun and frolic as well as watersport adventures activities to explore. The main lure of these resorts are the series of white sand beaches and beautiful bays, enchanting bright sunny climate, adventures in the water and seafront dining experience. 

Sunny Vacations In Mexico

Summer time from mid July to august in Mexico is hot. Tourists throng to beaches to sunbathe. It is also rainy during these times but it showers for a short time in a day. Dehydration and sunburns are common factors during this hot sun summer months. The ocean water is hot due to the sun during September and October months. The evenings are nice and cool and one can swim even during the nights as the temperature of the water is mild. As the months of February and approach the sun is at its peak and the season lasts up to April. The weather is really hot but the water temperature is warm enough for swimming.

A 2012 holidays to Mexico is a great vacation idea for family, friends or couples enjoying their holidays in a place that is also known as the resort of the world.