Mauritius Holidays 2012

2012 Holidays to Mauritius

Mauritius Holidays 2012

You must have wondered at the beautiful postcard pictures that depict turquoise crystal clear water, tall mountain peaks, green trees standing neatly along the coastline and soft sandy beaches. Maybe it’s a poet’s imagination, but what if this dream picturesque image happens to be real. Yes, you can end your search for that dream vacation for your holidays at Mauritius 2012. Max von Sydow quoted - “A vacation spot out of season always has a very special magic.” One such magical spot is Mauritius, where you cannot have enough of it. It is a top holiday destination for tourist from all over the world.  Mauritius is located approximately 900 Km east of Madagascar surrounded by Indian Ocean. The island is scattered with extinct volcanoes which gives it a distinct beauty to its landscape. The fertile districts are covered largely by Scrub and savanna forest, further extending up to the hilly plains. The splendid coastline is bordered by sugarcane plains. There is sunshine throughout the year, with tropical climate during summer, temperate winters and sometimes contained heavy showers. Mauritius holidays 2012 can be refreshingly beautiful as the beaches with its aquamarine clear water, coral reefs and soft white sandy beaches look breathtaking.

Apart from natures beauty you can experience the hospitality and warmth of its people from different cultures blended into one unique identity. One can experience a wonderful mix of Indian, African, Chinese, and Creole cultures with their history, traditions, cuisine and religions. Holidays in Mauritius 2012 can be enjoyed by people who are looking for that dream holidays 2012 for honeymoon vacations, adventure trips, family vacations or just a solitude backpack trip.

Top Holidays In Mauritius 2012

Spending your holidays with a Mauritian family will give you a close feel of their everyday lifestyle and friends for a long time. If you are wondering for a dream Mauritius holiday and are not sure about your affordability, or doubt about the expectations of a money worth spent then check on internet sites for fruitful holiday packages. A lot of tours and travel agencies offer discounted Mauritius holiday packages 2012 to suit every budget. You can choose from staying in a luxurious hotel or a private holiday villa or rentals or holiday apartments depending on your budget and choices.

How To Reach

Once you have decided on your Mauritius holidays 2012 it is time to book your flights. Mauritius is well connected by scheduled flights from around the world. In fact, the national airline of Mauritius, Air Mauritius operates regular daily based flights from Europe. You can search the internet sites for booking flight schedules and their fares from around the world for a thrilling Mauritius holidays 2012.


If you love playing golf and want to catch up with the best and exotic golfing courses, then Mauritius is the place to watch out for. You can book for an exclusive golf vacation packages for holidays in Mauritius 2012. A lot of tours and travel agencies offer best prices, value for money and personalized services for excellent golf courses. With world class golf courses and many more in the pipeline, Mauritius is surely one of the idyllic locations for golf holidays. Among the many golf courses some of the popular ones among the tourists are Belle Mare Plage, Golf du Chateau, Le Touessrok, Paradis,   and Tamarina.


There is no better relaxation than a walk on the soft white sand and the touch of crystal clear cold water under your feet. Holidays in Mauritius 2012 are incomplete without experiencing the divinity of nature’s beaches.  People both young and old can enjoy various water sports and activities on the Mauritius beaches. If you are planning a family vacations 2012 holidays to Mauritius, you can revel in the joy of swimming as in some beaches like the Pereybere where the depth of water is not deep.

You can experience a deep lagoon having huge collection of Filao trees at the Belle Mare beach. Enjoy fishing with your family at the deep sea of Riverie Noire. Enhance your romantic evenings at the coast of Pointe aux Piments. You can indulge in lot of leisure activities on your Mauritius holidays 2012 like scuba diving, surfing kayaking or a nice warm sunbathing.  One of the most exciting attractions is the Grand Baie beach in Mauritius. They have best of the restaurants with mouthwatering delicacies especially the fresh seafood which is extremely popular among the visitors. One can even stroll around the local shops and their unique collections. One can have an access to a complete holiday experience on this beach.

Types Of Accommodation

Mauritius is one of the famous tourist destinations because of its abundance in natural beauty, range of leisure activities to indulge in, friendly and warm locals, and a variety of accommodations to choose from depending on your budgets. 

Holiday Rentals

If you are the kind to enjoy the opulence of life then splurge yourself at the amazing luxury hotels. Travelers with limited budgets can choose from holiday rentals which give incredible value for money and comforts. If you are travelling with family and would like to have your own space then there are a variety of rental properties available from private villas to apartments with required number of bedrooms and amenities.  You can choose holiday rentals from economical to higher budgets. With amenities in place you should also check for full time security.

Holiday Villas

Holidays in Mauritius 2012 can be very exciting and fulfilling not just for its splendid and serene beauty but also for its people. Hence you can be sure of warm hospitality even if you choose to stay in a private accommodation like the holiday villas. They are complete with all the luxurious amenities, including swimming pool and most of them are located near the beaches. The weather, the beaches and the comforts of the house make holidays in Mauritius 2012 an unforgettable experience.  You can find villas in the urban cosmopolitan town or the traditional small villages surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.  Spending Mauritius holidays 2012 in a holiday villas are an ideal value for money for both couples or when travelling with families. These neatly maintained holiday villas are elegantly furnished, decorated and spacious.

Holiday Apartments

If you plan to go for a holiday to Mauritius 2012 you will remember it for the rest of your life. Mauritius holidays will greet you with its warm weather, splendid scenery and innumerable holiday rentals to choose from. One of the popular choices for rental accommodation is holiday apartment. A newly married honeymoon couple or someone with family can be sure of a fabulous time in a holiday apartment as it will give you a feeling of home away from home. They are located in the most beautiful surroundings, with complete amenities and apartments ranging from 1 bedroom flat to 4 bedrooms.


A healthy holiday in Mauritius 2012 would be a visit to the spa. Spas in Mauritius concentrate on the physical and mental well being of the body. The traditional spas are based on the thermal treatment and healing of water. The typical Mauritius spa treatment includes meditation, massage with oils, healing, Ayurveda treatments, traditional Indonesian treatment and detoxification of the body. Most of the Mauritius spa treatments are also based on senses healing that use a lot of aromatic oils. Most of the resorts and hotels offer spa services, and some of the resorts offer specialized spa holiday packages. So if you want to relax, rejuvenate and energize your body then choose your holidays 2012 in Mauritius.

Mauritius holidays 2012 will not disappoint you but will attract you towards its enchanting beauty and charm for ever.