Bulgaria Holidays 2012

2012 Holidays to Bulgaria

Bulgaria holidays 2012

When on vacation one experiences positive vibes around, as the people on holidays are happy, some watching the setting sun, kids making sand castles, birds flying back and the never ending waves playing across the seashores. How you wish to pack all your memories of those sandy beaches, clear blue skies, sometimes downpour, the raging bright sun and the vast endless ocean. It feels as though some part of you has been left there still wandering in the place. Such is the fun and excitement that you get when you choose a place that makes you feel fuller in life. One such place is Bulgaria, where life seems beautiful and moving. If you choose to plan your holidays in 2012 Bulgaria you would have made a perfect holiday investment. Bulgaria is situated in the southeast region of Europe. With the north part bordering with Romania and the southern part with Greece. The eastern part is surrounded by black sea and the western region of Bulgaria is bordered with Yugoslavia and Macedonia.  Holidays in Bulgaria 2012 will travel you to numerous breathtaking sites with tall mountains, sandy beaches, lively walkways, National parks and its wildlife and lush green valleys. Bulgaria is an all season tourist destination and is increasingly becoming popular with European travelers. Bulgaria holidays 2012 will offer you an opportunity to experience its culture and historical sites.

Holidays In Bulgaria

Whether you are travelling with your family or alone the cost factor is relatively cheap when compared to British standards. You can easily avail a comfortable accommodation ranging from resorts, luxurious hotels, and holiday villas to self catering apartments during Bulgaria holidays 2012. The connectivity of air travel from other European nations is also drastically improved. To support low cost carriers venture the airport fees have been halved from the year 1 May 2010 to May 2012. So plan 2012 holidays to Bulgaria and discover the jewel of Eastern Europe. During the summer season the most popular destinations are the beaches and the coastline along the black sea, while the winter season is famous for ski adventures in the mountains of Bulgaria. Apart from these the country also boasts of scenic landscapes and medieval villages, spas and wellness centers, golf courses and historical sites to explore. Explore the modern city and its capital, Sofia for its beautiful architecture, mouthwatering local cuisine, shopping and warm friendly people. Travel to the city Veiko turnovo which was the olden capital of Bulgaria and experience a part of the history and culture of the past era.

What Are The Activities To Do

Bulgaria holidays 2012 offer you the options of beach vacations, a romantic tour to the scenic village or skiing or snowboarding on the mountains.

Skiing In Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an emerging tourist destination that offers outstanding ski resorts with a beautiful gentle winter. Unlike other European skiing destinations that are crowded Bulgaria is still unexplored and offers you great skiing experience. Each skiing area in Bulgaria offers a varied and unique experience that can be enjoyed only when you ski on those snowy mountains. Bulgaria offers a good value for money and great amenities for skiing. You can opt for Bulgaria holiday packages for skiing that provide you family atmosphere with economical options to suit your budgets.

For first timers Bulgaria is an ideal destination for 2012 skiing holidays. The rates are economical, the facilities are great and modern and you can hire instructors who speak very good English.  Most resorts and ski clubs are vivacious and lively. It is advisable to carry cash in the resorts as the commission on money cards is quite high. If you are not too fussy about the food then you will enjoy the food as it is fulfilling, bountiful and comes cheaply.

Bulgaria holidays 2012 boasts of four major skiing resorts that are gaining popularity among the European tourists. Among them the most popular ones are Bansko and Borovets.  The ski resorts in Pamporovo and Chepelare are also very popular among the skiing tourists. You can choose a wide varieties of winter sports apart from skiing such as ice skating and snowboarding.


Bonska has a good record of snowfalls and a mild winter that gives it an option of longer skiing season in the snowy mountains. Bonska has been a popular skiing resort among the locals of Bulgarian skiing population. It is located in the scenic Prin mountain area at 950 meters. Because of its high ranges and stunning beauty of the mountains it is now fast catching up with the British skiers as a popular skiing destination for holidays 2012.


Borovets gives you an option of enjoying skiing with challenging twist and turns. It is situated in the Rila Mountains positioned at 1300 meters.  It is also considered as the largest and the oldest skiing resorts of Bulgaria. Very soon Borovets will offer an all year skiing facilities for tourists and locals. Even if you are new to skiing there are beginners run as well as advanced runs. It is a popular destination for travelers with families as you can also indulge in other winter activities too.   


You can enjoy skiing in the beautiful mountains of Snezhanka where Pamporovo ski resort is located. It lies at 1600 meters and has proficient lift system. It has excellent ski coaching centers for first timers and also assist you with English speaking guides. Pamporova has one of the best picturesque skiing spots that is surrounded by pine forests and blessed by bright sunshine. When you steep down the beautiful mountains of Pamporova the scenic beauty of snow and pine trees look like Narnia in the mountains covered with snow.  You can choose from cheap holiday packages 2012 for beginner’s level of skiing to the advanced level packages for skiing.

Apart from skiing in Bulgaria, this country boasts of other adventure and leisure activities like playing golf, walking tours, enjoying beach and basking under bright sun.


The eastern part of Bulgaria is surrounded by Black sea which has a coastline stretched up to about 400 kilometers.  The beaches of Bulgaria are calm and serene with fine sand as well as golden sand and bright sun. The beaches are mostly devoid of tides and hence a popular destination for family beach holidays 2012. Another interesting fact about the Black sea is the level of salt in the water is remarkably low and when compared to other European sea and hence it is quite popular among the travelers form united kingdom. The beaches that offer fine sand are located in St Konstantine, Varna. The bustling Sunny beach; Nessebar, Pomorie, Elinite, Bourgas, and Albena are some of the popular beaches of Bulgaria that offer golden sand. During summer months the day sunlight lasts up to ten hours and you can really bask under the sun escaping some cold winters in other European region during Bulgaria holidays 2012.


The weather of Bulgaria is among the best in the European region. The summer starts from Middle of June to early September.  During this time there is a lot of activity and vibrancy among tourists and locals alike. The resorts do peak business, the nightlife is dazzling, restaurants provide you with variety of mouthwatering cuisines and people throng to beaches especially the Sunny beach and the Golden sands. Enjoy basking under bright sunshine or laze around sunny afternoons on the beach or walk in the mountains or stroll in the city.


If you are a passionate golf player or just lover of the sport the next big thing to happen in Bulgaria is Golf. At present Bulgaria possesses mainly three best golf courses that out of which two are based in Ihtiman, Sofia and the third one at Silven near the black sea coast. Because of its growing popularity a lot of golf courses are being built up especially in the northern coast of the black sea region. A 18 hole golf course is currently being developed in The Kavarna and balchik region in the north.

Apart from this you can book for special golf holiday packages 2012 that provide you golf resorts and golf villas, and golf clubs. They offer great scenic beauty of mountains with golf courses with 18 holes and a great luxurious golf vacation.


Bulgaria holidays 2012 will give you an exceptional walking experiences and opportunities. Walking and Trekking are one of the best leisure and adventure activities to do during your holidays in Bulgaria. The majestic high mountains with unscathed solitude nature’s beauty and marked trails on the way make you walk as long and far as you can. The mountains of Rila and Prin offer challenging summits and ridges. You can climb the two highest summits in the Balkans, the Musala and Vihren. These have fine ridge walks and some fine English guides to assist you on your path. For people who enjoy modest walking you can walk on the Rodopi Mountains on the Bulgarian and Greece border. Surrounded by scenic villages, mountains, gorges and caves walking in this Balkan region will bring you closest to the nature.

Plan your holidays in 2012 Bulgaria and you can expect a grand vacation in terms of mountains, beaches, bright sunny weather, friendly people and its adventure activities.