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Malta holidays 2012

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Malta Holidays 2012

Malta holidays 2010 are a perfect choice for a cool family vacation, or honeymoon couples enjoying the warmth of the weather or bunch of friends exploring natural surroundings. Holidays in Malta 2010 have so much to offer that you would want to visit the place time and again.

Malta Holidays 2012

As a young kid many a times, you must have remembered the summer vacations that you spent with your family and grandparents flying kites, swimming on the beach, or running with the wind or jumping around like monkeys. How many times you have flipped the albums and cherished the photographs of laughs and hugs of the family vacation. One such warm sunny place is Malta which is a popular tourist destination among European travelers especially for its weather.

Festivals, Traditions And Culture Of Malta

The Maltese people are religious and celebrate their festivals with joy and gaiety. Christianity is the religion followed and most of the people have ties with their catholic churches. The Maltese people celebrate their festivals throughout the year. A lot of tours and travel agencies offer bargain packages during this time. Among the major festivities, the feast of St Peter and St. Paul is a major tourist attraction.  Easter is also celebrated in a grand manner. Some holiday packages to Malta 2012 offer bargains especially on Easter. Maltese also take pride in their arts and culture. The months of July and august are marked by the Malta arts festival where artists and musicians perform their art. Tourist from all far away places swarm to Malta for this cultural extravaganza.

Accommodation In Malta

You can choose to spend holidays in Malta 2012 by opting for comfortable accommodations from private villas, self catering apartments, resorts to luxurious hotels depending on the budget and your requirement. Most of them offer comforts and amenities with beautiful scenic locations and terrace to enjoy the sun. The apartments are clean and well furnished with modern day comforts.

Malta Weather

The weather has a huge Mediterranean feel of the sea with mild winters and hot summers. The winters are rarely cold except for when the winds blow from northern and central Europe.  The summers are hot and dry starting from late march and peaks up in April. Sometimes the spring and autumn can carry dry hot winds known as siroccos in Malta.

Food And Local Cuisine

Maltese holidays 2012 will trickle your tastes with heavily influenced Mediterranean flavor. Because of it proximity to Italy you will find the influence of Sicilian style cuisine with varieties of cheese, pizzas and pasta to gorge on. Local specialties like rabbit casserole are also available to satisfy your palate.

Beaches Of Malta

Malta islands have a lot to offer in terms of beaches and water sports especially scuba diving. If you are looking out to enjoy a beach holiday or relax on the sandy and pebble beaches then Malta is a place to be. These islands have a large number of beautiful beaches perfect for swimming, sunbathing, wind surfing, speed boating, snorkeling, fishing or just strolling. These few sandy beaches are extremely popular among the families with children. Beaches in summer are quite crowded due to its peak tourist season but there are some private beaches in Malta that can be explored. You can choose to swim on the beach from off the rocks which are quite exciting. Some of the most popular beaches in Malta are Paradise bay, Mellieha bay, Golden bay, Pretty bay, Ghadira bay, Gnejna bay and Mgiebah bay.


Malta is one of the most admired destinations in the world for scuba diving among the tourists from Europe. These islands of Mediterranean region are a dream destination for divers and snorkelers. The diving Paradise of Malta is situated near the northern point of Malta and the Gozo ferry departure point.  You can dive in the waters of Malta all round the year. It is safe for divers who have little or no experience in diving. If you want to experience the underwater world but are new to diving then, you can opt for diver student open water lessons. If you are an experienced diver then go all inside the shallow waters and watch the underwater marine life, coral reefs and various outstanding rock formations. Normally the waters are safe to dive in for all levels of divers. The depth of the water ranges from 14 meters to 60 meters which is a safe bet to dive for all levels of divers. The temperatures are warm in summer and mild in winters.  The waters of Malta are one of the cleanest and hence there is clear underwater visibility which is around 30 meters at an average. If you find yourself in rough sea there is no need to panic as there are sheltered coves especially for divers. Some of the best diver resorts include the inland sea in Malta and the Fungus rock, the Double arch reef in Gozo Island. 


The moods vary according to the seasons. The bright sunshine always makes you happy and if you are facing a bad winter then how about basking under the sun and making your winters warm by planning holidays in 2012 to Malta. Although most of the tourists prefer summer vacations, people staying in cold harsh winter regions would prefer winter sun holidays. For your winter sun holidays 2012 Malta you end up with an advantage of getting bargains on flights, accommodation and better deals on tours. You can enjoy the Easter festivals during the winter sun days.  You will feel blessed to watch the Norman cathedrals, palaces and churches of the town and bask in the sun just walking in the narrow streets paved with stones. Summers are hot and dry and it rarely rains during this season. If you are looking to get away from the cold snowy weather of winter then you can choose Malta holidays 2012.

Holidays to Malta 2012 will make you fall in love with this place. Experience the hospitality its warm people, sunny weather, beaches, restaurants, open markets and its history and culture.


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