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Majorca Holidays 2012

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Majorca Holidays 2012

Majorca, one of the largest of the Balearic Islands, is located in between the other two popular islands called Menorca and Ibiza. This beautiful green island is surrounded by crystal clear water with golden beaches, a splendid coastline with pine grooves and hidden coves. The Mediterranean island is blessed with bright sunshine throughout the year. Majorca has altogether 28 beaches and one of the best maintained and cleanest beaches in the world.

Majorca Holidays 2012

The Mediterranean island is blessed with bright sunshine throughout the year. Majorca has altogether 28 beaches and one of the best maintained and cleanest beaches in the world. For the first time travelers, there are plenty of surprises and activities to do. You can choose to play golf, horse riding, walking, sailing, diving, windsurfing, water skiing or exploring countryside. Majorca is especially popular holiday destination with the British for 2012 and is a two hour journey by air from United Kingdom.

Take out time to see century old cathedrals, monasteries and ancient castles. There is something to entertain for all age groups. For young people there is a buzzing night life with latest trends in fashion adorning the capital city of Palma. Tourist with families can look forward to spectacular beaches and water sports. Children can enjoy the antique train ride from Palma to the ancient town of Soller with picturesque scenery. The older generation can look forward to adventures like easy walk tours, beaches and fabulous resorts. Tourists especially enjoy the pleasant weather all throughout the year.

Mallorca Accommodation

Mallorca holidays in 2012 offer you a variety of comfortable accommodation ranging from luxurious to budget apartments with self service, amazing villas holidays, resorts and five star hotels. You can search internet sites for accommodation suiting your budgets and choice.

Villa Holidays 2012:

If you are planning for holidays 2012 in Mallorca with family and friends then you can a perfect accommodation by renting a self sufficient private villa. The villas are nicely situated in beautiful locations with private pools and some even provide you a spectacular view of the beaches. Tourist from United Kingdom and European nations especially enjoy the summers due to its pleasant climate, sunshine and abundant leisure activities that it provides. 


To make your holidays in Majorca 2012 comfortable and also economical there are varied choices of rental apartments available. You can easily find self catering apartments with scenic locations within easy distance of beautiful beaches and coastlines. Whether you are with family or just couples enjoying their honeymoon, or tourist with group of friends, you will be spoilt fro choices of apartments ranging from one bedroom to three and more with varied budgets. These apartments are self sufficient with great scenery and some with private swimming pools. You can directly rent the accommodations from the owners for best values, that give you clean and self sufficient apartments.


Apart from five star hotels Majorca islands also provide a great value for money by enjoying your stay in resorts. You can indulge in nightclubs, bars and exotic dining experience near the beaches all through the night.

Food And Cuisine:

Holidays in Majorca 2012 will pamper your taste buds and provide an astonishing gastronomic experience. You can Dine at the roadside kiosks or travel to the tiny villages for exotic, fresh cuisine. Indulge your cravings for fresh food by trying vegetable stew made from fresh olives, tomatoes, walnuts and almonds. Or try the tapas, a Majorca’s local mouthwatering delicacy consisting of small assortments of delicacies of garlic mushrooms, meat balls, squid rings and croquettes. Try the local light pastry called “ensaimada”. Gulp it down with variety of local and international wines, liqueurs, cocktails, mocktails and soft drinks. There is a lively nightlife in Majorca Island with lots of discos, bars restaurants and pubs for you to enjoy dance, food and drinks. 

Activities To Do When In Majorca Holidays 2012:

With the most beautiful beaches, mountains, ancient villages, historical castles and cathedrals you will be never bores of sight seeing. There is never a shortage of entertainment for all ages of people be it the unique shops, bustling restaurants, night clubs, water sports, walking tours, playing golf, horse riding sailing or pampering in various spas.  Although its an all season tourist island the main season is enjoyed from April to October.    


Playing golf is your passion or a way of relaxation then Majorca is a major golf destination of Europe. You can choose from 14 great and 18 hole golf courses. Majority of golf courses are located in the south west region of the islands.  The north east of the island also some fine golf courses and is much quieter and scenic. One of the probably the best known golf courses in Majorca is the Santa Ponsa, with a splendid countryside location and scenic grooves of olives and almonds. It has the longest 10th hole in Spain at 590 meters. Apart from this there is one of the finest golf courses with wide open countryside is the Son Antem West. It is surrounded by 3 lakes and high greens. Among the 14 golf courses there is also one in the outskirts of the city known as Son Muntaner located on the hills and surrounded by pine forest.


There is no better exercise and joy in wearing your jogging shoes, comfortable clothes, a bag to carry essentials like water and snacks and then lifting each footstep under the bright sun with beautiful hills, vast green lands, tiny villages and eyes looking far and wide view. With relatively cheaper tickets and less than 3 hours of flight from UK it is one of the popular holiday destinations in 2012 for walkers from Europe. You can chose to take easy walk routes or for the more adventurous one there are long challenging routes from dozen mountains to hills. On your routes you can meet fellow walkers, hill walkers, scramblers and ramblers and enjoy the scenic beauty. You can opt for customized family walking trips.


Majorca holidays 2012 become memorable as water sports are one of the major entertainments. It is a perfect for sailing destination. Depending upon your budget you can charter a yacht, boat or a motor cruiser. There are sailing tours available with local yachting companies depending on the number of days trips and budgets. One can explore Mediterranean waters to the French Riviera. You can take a sailing trip to Menorca and Ibiza islands or just sail around the Mediterranean coastline.


Majorca holidays 2012 will relax and rejuvenate you as the island has some of the best spa and fitness centers. Pamper yourself with extensive massages, showers, face masks, meditation, and extensive pools, Jacuzzi and gymnasium. You can choose from traditional Chinese therapy, holistic treatment of Ayurveda, yoga, or the Thai massage. You can also choose from the modern techniques of western spa with sauna, geothermal pools or just doing manicures, pedicures, facials or waxing. Fitness buffs will love this place.

Beaches And Water Sports

Majorca Island has the best beaches and one of them is Alcudia. Take a stroll on the white sand or help your self a drink at the beach bars and shops. Enjoy water sports like water skiing, surfing, pedal boats and sailing or horse riding on the beach,



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